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KTW puts focus on tools promoting Experiential Education, allowing kids to reflect on what they are doing while getting to play with super cool technology. Develop confidence, knowledge, and a feeling of control over technology.


Online courses, talks, live streams, in-person events, workshops, and anything in-between. Regardless if it takes place once or regularly, the KTW platform categorizes all these activities under the “Events” umbrella.


Technology grows at a faster rate than we can adjust, and kids are easily accepting digitization. KTW will show you content on modern digital parenting trends from experts around the world. We want you to have fun with technology in the family.



KTW shows you what options your family has to explore technology together and learn using modern digital tools and techniques.


STEAM tools and toys, online courses, programming, automation, apps, games. Everything you can imagine for fun, digital experiences.


The classroom is a vital place for kids. KTW shows you what you can bring in the classroom to encourage diversity and fun with ever-evolving technologies.

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