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What We Do

In a few words, we are a family-driven platform promoting healthy relationships with technology. We organise events, curate lists of activities, and encourage everyone to talk about their experience with technology both at home and in classrooms.

Parents, kids, and teachers alike are invited!


VR, robotics, programming courses, holographic projections, and anything in-between, we occasionally arrange in-person exploratory showcases. Read more»


With 2020’s progression we felt it necessary to keep people engaged. We have designed activities lists for kids of all ages, and we are working on a database of tech companies to follow. Read more»


We talk to you directly through our blog posts where our interests and stories are exposed! Stay tuned! Read more»



Because we care about how the new generation develops with modern technologies.

1. Kids

The KTW team wishes it had access to today’s technologies while growing up. Our mission is to guide and protect, showing how to develop digital discipline.

2. Parents

Managing the digital well-being of your kids isn’t easy. We are curating Digital Parenting educational resources from experts. 

3. Teachers

Classroom learning can be extremely engaging with various digital tools. We are showing you what and how tech can be used to enhance the learning experience.

About Us

Our Story

KTW is made up of people fascinated by tech. A capable and fun team lead by a scientist, a social media enthusiast, a finance guru, and an architect have come together to show you tools that we wish we could have used while growing up. Everyone at KidsTechWorld is a kid at heart, and we’re not afraid to show it.

Our Mission

Tech advancements are all around us, and only a handful appear in our everyday lives, from the ubiquitous smartphone to tablets and even 3D printing. But there is so much more out there! KidsTechWorld is bringing the spotlight on all the various ways your family can discover and interact with fun and innovative technology.

Let’s grow together Partner with us

We are creating a community of people dedicated to improving their relationship with technology. One thing is clear, technology is here to stay. Share with us your insights, knowledge, and expertise so we can build a community together.

Engage with us Do you need advice?

Share with us your concerns. Whatever challenges you face with your kids at home and in classrooms, let us guide you. Write us an email or use the contact form.

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